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Cottonwood Shadows ZB Claire 2/18/2016

 $500 firm 

Claire is a beautiful doe from Desert Nanny lines. She is a first freshener, currently in milk and on DHI milk test. She is giving over 2 lbs per day and is going to be an excellent milker. She is excellent quality and we aren't in a hurry to sell her. The only reason we even consider it is that we have decided to focus on our own, select breeding lines.


Sire: Desert Nanny BBB Zydeco Blues DesertNanny BR Blueberrybuckle *B x DesertNanny BF Cajun Style) 

Dam: DesertNanny Y Sunny Day Blues (DesertNanny AB Yukon Gold *B X DesertnNanny LBS Solar Flair )

Doe J35 12/30/2017


This little doe's dam is doing great as a first freshener! She has the softest udder that milks out so easily from nice long teats. She is currently giving just over 2lbs of milk a day and is on DHI milk test. This georgeous doeling is long and level! 


Sire: Miller's Fairywood Couscous (Desertnanny BE Red Dawn x Whitetankminis Strwbrryshrtcke 1*M *D)

Dam: Miller's Fairywood PCMoonlight (Blunderosa CG Prince Charming x Pecan Grove PGM Shallan)

Miller's Fairywood MC Frank 12/9/2017

$300 intact

$150 wethered

Frank is an adorable little golden cream buck who has the potential to add some beautiful conformation and outstanding milking genetics to your herd. His dam milked well for nearly 500 days on her first freshening! Now on her second freshening, she is giving between 3-4 lbs per day from a lovely, soft udder. 

  • Sire: Miller's Fairywood Couscous (Desertnanny BE Red Dawn x Whitetankminis Strwbrryshrtcke 1*M)
  • Dam: Blue Beard Blonde Bombshell 1*M *D (Rio Caballo Charming Stranger x DF Farms NH Ladyisatramp)

Sold or Reserved

Miller's Fairywood MC Lyrica 11/27/2017

 $400 SOLD! To Brown Family Farms

Lyrica is an adorable little moonspotted doeling with QUALITY and MILK in her genetics!! We are so excited to see how her dam does this year on milk test- she has an incredibly soft udder with nice, long teats and is just stunningly beautiful. 

  • Sire: Miller's Fairywood Couscous (Desertnanny BE Red Dawn x Whitetankminis Strwbrryshrtcke 1*M)
  • Dam: Miller's Fairywood Chrmnglauna (Blunderosa CG Prince Charming x SG Back In Time DD Lyra 3*M)


Jacobs Legacy PGB Libby 1*M *D 3/6/2015

+VVV 85

 $500 firm SOLD! To Brown Family Farms

Libby is currently bred for April babies. Last year she was on DHIA milk test, giving 1.5+ lbs of delicious, sweet milk every day from a lovely, soft udder with long, milkable teats. She earned her milk star for both butterfat and protien.  We expect her to give even more milk this year on her second freshening. 


Sire: Pecan Grove Bently *S (Pecan Grove Dynamite Macaroon *S x Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre *D)

Dam:Jacobs Legacy Bonnie (Udderly Crazy Jacob x Fairywood VM Mystee) 

Buck K8 1/6/2017

(Miller's Fairywood CousCous x Cottonwood Shadows ZB Claire)

$250 intact **RESERVED for Haney family!

$100 wethered

Gold with moonspots and blue eyes

Nice little buckling with some solid breeding. His dam is a first freshener and is coming along very well! She is on DHIA milk test this year.

Pecan Grove DM Evie 2*M *D 11/26/2011

VEE+ 87

 $600 SOLD!! To Brown Family Farms!

Evie is a quality senior doe with much to contribute to a good, solid breeding program. She is incredibly patient on the milk stand, has a soft, easy to milk udder, and gives quanitities of sweet, creamy  milk. Last year she gave 562 lbs of milk, 35 lbs. of butterfat and 26 pounds of protien in 297 days. She has absolutley gorgeous babies and we have kept several daughters, granddaughters, and now great-granddaughters in our herd! It is time to share her outstanding genetics! 

Sire: Pecan Grove Dynamite Macaroon *B (Ironwoodranch SJ Snickerdoodle *B x Agape Oaks Fire Hazard 2*M) Dam: Prairie Wood Azea Tamar 1*M (Kaapio Acre's BT Racketeer *B x MK Abiah OB)

Miller's Fairywood Aulelio 1/27/17 

(Blunderosa CG Prince Charming x SG Back In Time DD Lyra 3*M) 

Buck J8

Gold, tiny moonspot (can throw moonspots)


$300 ADGA/AGS registered **SOLD!! To Sue!

This little guy is a  beautiful butter gold and has gorgeous conformation! Good milk in his genetics - Lyra is a lovely, patient doe who earned her milk star on her first freshening and just earned her Superior Genetics distinction from ADGA! 

Buck K3 1/4/2017

(K Bar Seven BM Moon Ryder x Miller's Fairywood Prnzss Luna 2*M 2*D)

$300 **RESERVED for Tenney Family!

Black and white pinto with moonspots

This stunning buckling is going to be a fantastic herd sire! His sire was the appraiser's favorite in the herd last year and his dam is an outstanding milking doe who made elite doe list last summer! 

Doe K9 1/6/2017

(Miller's Fairywood CousCous x Cottonwood Shadows ZB Claire)


**RESERVED for Tenney Family!

Brown buckskin with moonspots


This pretty little doeling is carrying some classic dairy bloodlines! Sired by our own Fairywood buck, her dam is straight Desert Nanny breeding and is turning out to be a very nice addition to our herd.

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