Reference Animals

These are goats who have had a significant impact on our herd. Thier excellent genetics have contributed to making our farm the success it is today. 






  • Sire: Flying Goat Cassanova *S (Prairie Wood Huckleberry *S X MCH Prairie Wood Bella *D *M)
  • Dam: Pecan Grove Kennedy Blossom *2D *2M (Pecan Grove Koko Vanilla Twist X DF Farms EDH WishUponAStar *D *M )

Rio Caballo SB Sterling *S


  • Sire: Desert Valley CS Silver Back *S (Flying Goat Cassanova *S x DesertNanny Justica 2*D 2*M)
  • Dam: Rio Caballo DA Juliette *D *M (Fairywood CS D'Artagnan x Fairywood IM Bluebell)

We wish to thank the following farms for their generous contributions to helping grow our new Nigerian Dwarf herd!

.:Miller's Fairywood :.
David & Beth Miller
Gilbert, Arizona

Phone: 480-203-7847


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