The Royal Bucks of fairywood

Prairie Wood HS Märchen-Prinz +*B 6/28/2013

LA 2017 85 ++E

  • Sire:  NC Promisedland SS Hot Stuff +*B (Promisedland  CP Seymore Spots +*S ++B X  SGCH PromisedLand CP Lil BoPeep 2*D 1*M)
  • Dam: Prairie Wood Knickers Blue 1*M (MCH Lost Valley KW Orion *S X Prairie Wood Kia Blue)


K Bar Seven BM Moon Ryder 6/10/2014

LA 2018 +EE 87
  • Sire: Desert Valley AD Blue Moon (Fairywood IM Ansel Adams x DesertNanny Carmen Electra)
  • Dam: Sterling Stables KWK Willow (DVG Kroll Warrior King x AKONI IJ 5th Avenue)

Hidden  hills rhs sly cat 5/07/2017

LA 2018 
  • Sire: Castle Rock Red Hot Saracha (Castle Rock Moonraker x GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M)
  • Dam: Blythmoor Twisted Ginger 3*M (Camanna LI Moonlight Dandy +*B x SGCH Blythmoor HW Spice 2*M)

Miller's Fairywood Neptune Moon 1/04/2018

  • Sire: K Bar Sevn BM Moon Ryder (Desert Valley AD Blue Moon x Sterling Stables KWK Willow)
  • Dam: Miller's Fairywood Prnzss Luna 2*M (Prairie Wood Marchen-Prinz +*B x SG AGS Longbourn Meadows Ronalin 1*M)

Miller's Fairywood PrnzLeopold *B 1/07/2018

  • Sire: Prairie Wood HS Marchen Prinz +*B (SG NC Promisedland SS Hot Stuff ++*B x Prairie Wood Knickers Blue 1*M)
  • Dam: SG Back In Time Lyra 3*M (Dill's CC Done *B x Back In Time FGC Sunny 2*M)

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